Axline Pharmacy Pricing

There is a common misconception among retail customers that independently owned pharmacies cannot compete with the larger chain pharmacies when it comes to pricing.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. 


How can Axline Pharmacy compete on pricing prescriptions? 

First, one must realize that when prescription insurance is involved, it’s the insurance that sets your price or copay. In most cases, that results in the price you pay to be the same no matter which pharmacy you choose. When that is the case, we feel you should choose the pharmacy that has the best customer service.  At Axline, we have very short wait times, offer free delivery, and pride ourselves on getting to know our customers.


How do our prices compare for CASH paying customers? 

In our experience, our prices compete very well.  In an independent pharmacy, our pharmacists have total control over pricing and our goal is to set the price at a level that is fair to the customer.  In the larger stores, the prices are set from a corporate office and the local staff has limited or no control over pricing.  Feel free to call our store for a price quote.  Better yet, bring in your receipts from our competitors and if we don’t beat the price your paying, we’ll match it.


How can Axline save me money?

At Axline, we try to treat the patient fairly and actively look for opportunities to save our patients money.  Our staff is aware of many manufacturer copay discounts that are available, and if we see one of your prescriptions that qualify for a copay discount, we will bring it to your attention.  Copay discounts can range as high a $75 off your copay depending on the medication.