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Axline Pharmacy is not just a dispensary for medication. Our licensed pharmacists, various programs & locations in parts of rural Illinois were created for your convenience. Many communities in central Illinois are underserved and need modernized pharmacies to benefit from better pricing and services. Like we have! You make sure that our customers feel well cared for. We make sure your prescription is under your insurance and set at a fair price. We will guide you in all the steps of receiving your medication and refilling it. We are here to help you! Stop into our Flanagan Location so we can help you! Or contact us by clicking here!


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Each of our locations provides compounding solutions in order to achieve better prices for our clients. As a compounding pharmacy, we can find ways to adjust your prescription and give you more control over what you pay. We are also working toward providing prescription delivery to parts of Livingston County. Contact us today to get started with us!

Making Prescription Fulfillment Convenient

We are happy to help you choose a prescription among the many options that are available when fulfilling prescriptions. Our staff will help you identify your main concerns with your current situation: 

  • The overall price of medication
  • Difficulty refilling in time
  • Ability to pick up medication
  • Issues with insurance/Medicaid
  • Or remembering your dosages

We are here to help you. We aren't in the business of seeing how much money we can make, we are in the business of helping YOU. You can put your trust in Axline Pharmacy here in Livingston County IL. Contact us today!

We Believe in Fair Pricing for Your Medicine

We take the extra steps to help our customers. Our staff makes sure that we have the lowest-priced medicines in the area, and we check that everything is done to cover your medication under insurance. It can be annoying trying to line up discounts around the time you will need a refill or just trying to pay for your medication, in general, can be a pain. We understand this and that is why we make sure not only that it is under your insurance but also that it is being sold to you at a fair price. If it's not then we will help you find a different option.

We even deliver during emergencies. We have all been there before when you go out of town and realize you forgot your medication. It can be a pain with other pharmacies. Sometimes they won't let you get that refill for those 5 days, or perhaps they don't deliver as we do. These kinds of services are what make Axline Pharmacy proud to be your community pharmacy. Contact us today to get started with us as your Livingston County IL pharmacy.

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