Compounding Pharmacy

Going to a compounding pharmacy is like having your own personal pharmacist. In a sea of commercialized medicine and healthcare options, our staff of pharmacists believes that the right medication often requires personalized solutions.

A compounding pharmacy is a specialized facility that carefully prepares and "compounds" medication to address certain patient requirements that regular commercial drugs cannot cater to.

Axline Pharmacy, your local compounding pharmacists.

Medication Compounding Service

With local compounding pharmacies, your healthcare is not limited by what commercial companies provide. 

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Benefits of Compounding Pharmacies for Consumers:

Here at Axline, we don't wear white lab coats just to fetch your prescriptions and collect your money. As a compounding pharmacy, we are able to make the experience of taking your medications stress-free through a variety of means. Not every pharmacy has this capability, so be sure to ask your current provider if they can match our services or prices.

Below we've made a list of positive impacts that compounding medication has on personal health:

1. Avoid Allergic Reactions

Oftentimes prescriptions for clients must be altered to a different drug according to their allergies, making it difficult to find something both effective and safe. Compounding allows us to reformulate the drug to exclude unwanted and potentially dangerous allergen ingredients from an emulsifier.


2. Regulate Dosages Easily & Provide Consistency

Depending on your primary physician's recommendation, compounding allows you to modify dosages for your medications. Various life circumstances can change the dosage you require and can help to regulate your health.

Some clients are able to slowly stop using their prescribed medicine, and compounding gives us an accurate way to alter the information already in our system.


3. Involving Your Best Judgment

Gain awareness about how you medicate and what works well for you. Part of our mission at Axline Pharmacy is to educate our customers about the pharmaceutical industry so that they have a more comfortable experience.

Oftentimes, your medication is something that will be a consistent part of your routine, so we want you to be involved in having a more healthy lifestyle you're confident about!


4. Comfortable Intake - Easy to Take

Whether you need to flavor a medication for a child or change the mode of administration for those that have trouble swallowing pills, we can eliminate those issues. By producing prescriptions in-house, we can ensure a more comfortable option for taking medications.


5. Identifying Patient Needs

Oftentimes, most patients can benefit from some specifications to allow them to take certain drugs. Compounding pharmacies help this group of people. We take patient care to the next level by personalizing medication.

At the end of the day, we want your price for prescriptions to remain as low as possible, so we will only recommend compounding if it is necessary or leverages the best cost to you.


Fill Your Prescriptions from Local Pharmacists

A reliable compounding pharmacy is what you need for quality healthcare. Pharmacy compounding is both an art and a science.


Transfer your prescriptions and lower costs on medication.One of our most popular personalized services is Convenience Packaging. With this plan, your prescriptions come in sealed bags, one for each day, instead of having to sort out pills yourself a month to month.

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A Uniquely Independent Compounding Pharmacy

Axline Pharmacy provides personal care: we'll personally give you the medicine you need to be in your best health.

We will prepare your medicine, sort them according to the time of your medication, and even deliver them to your doorstep. Don't let your prescriptions be a hassle any longer!

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